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Experience the ultimate outdoor training sessions.

A holistic experience that combines vital elements of body, mind and spirit to transform your health. Our experienced trainers have created uplifting outdoor classes that balance speed, endurance, strength, energy and mobility.

All are welcome.

We cater for all ages and stages, from the first time exerciser to the super fit. Although our classes are for groups, giving you motivation and a sense of community, we tailor our exercises to your needs and abilities.

Our Classes.



Burn calories fast in this invigorating class that will get your blood pumping and heart pounding. We use a variety of terrain, circuits and cross-training to keep you on your toes. For anyone from beginners to the super fit who wants to melt fat or up their fitness.



Strike, punch and kick your way to better fitness and pound the stress away. An empowering calorie-burning cardio session designed to build strength, power and heart health – while developing rock-solid confidence and determination.*



Enjoy a leaner, more toned body while you build strength and endurance. We blend functional bodyweight and cardio exercises for one whole-body workout that deeply targets all muscle groups.



Elevate your metabolism with high-intensity interval training, a cardio session focused on maximum calorie burn over short intense bursts. This class maximises the EPOC effect so your body continues to burn calories and fat long after your workout is over.



Protect your body from injuries and lessen the impacts of ageing with this gentle, balancing class. Popular with beginners and the over 65s.*



Build core strength, while improving your posture and balance. Using resistance bands, you'll deeply activate your core and stretch your muscles. *


Mums & Bubs

Make time for self-care and health – without needing to find a babysitter – while connecting with a gorgeous community of families. Mums of babies and toddlers are welcome to exercise alongside their little ones, with dedicated classes available upon request.



Get kids off their devices and into the fresh air, with kids classes running twice-weekly in the school holidays. Combining circuits, hurdles, movement and ball games, these mini boot camps are all about getting stronger while having fun. For both young kids and teens.

* Please note you'll need resistance bands or boxing gloves for these classes – bring them from home or find them in our shop.

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